Happy birthday, Pup! :)

This picture was taken in Huahin, Thailand. Once I saw this scene, my memory flew back to years before.


Skinny dad…

Young little girl…

And I saw myself been there.

My dad was not a rich man at that time. We only had vacation to the beach because it’s cheap. We went to the beach for free and my mom cooked for us.

He is the man who make me believe that there’s such man on earth who loves you for who you are. Who never promised to protect you, but he always does. Who never said that he won’t hurt you and let you down, meanwhile you are the one who do so. He is the man who become a reason for me to not to have a boyfriend. Every time friends asked me, “Why do you remain being single?”. And I replied proudly, “For what reason do I need one? As I have my dad who gives me his life, his world, his everything…”

Today, I realized that years keep adding. You can’t stop the time from ticking. And finally, I found a reason for why do I need a boyfriend or man beside my dad. Because I want my daughter or son or heir to feel what I feel. Having a shelter, having a superman, having a happiness on earth by knowing that all men could hurt you or let you down. But not this man, who can stay awake at nite only to make sure that you sleep tightly.

Happy birthday, my pup! Such a bless having you for 50 something years by our side (bunbun, me, and si tulang). I don’t want to have another 50 years ahead. What I only want is to enjoy my day by day with you as long as I can 🙂


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