Smiles that melt my heart…

I woke up lazily this Sunday morning. Lack of sleep the day before, stood and smiled for almost 4 hours in my close-friend’s wedding… It simply would be just a perfect time to get some more sleep.

But I woke up at 8.30, took a bath and prepared myself for church. The Sunday morning worship service was last like a very long time… I almost fell asleep during the sermon lasts. I was so thankful when it finally ended. We went off and made a stop in my favorite’s Bang Encep’s stall. He’s a fried food seller (tukang gorengan) since I was 6 years old.

“Thai tea, kak!”, said my mom, pointing to the stall next to Bang Encep’s.

“Oooh…”, I replied indifferently.

Then my mom asked Bang Encep, “Do the little girl who become the seller?”

I kept my eyes on the little girl closely. She just smiled and stood still in her place, using an apron, without saying any single word. She’s very pretty. Probably she’s just a fourth or fifth grader.

Then Bang Encep replied, “She does. Her mom is working. In Bakmi Permata…”

Bakmi Permata is a chinese restaurant that is not located too far from the church.

My heart trembled… Her smiles successfully melted my heart.

“May I buy a cup?” I asked my mom.


She even hardly reached the top of the table to pour the tea so I need to help her holded up the cup while she was pouring it.

Now I know why the car seller need sexy women next to the car. Because it only needs a sincere smile to make me buy a cup of ‘just-so-so’ Thai tea.

Smiles that melt my heart…

-Jakarta, Sept 25th 2011-


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