A cup of story in a coffee shop

Three farewells in a week… Who says that it is an easy thing to do?

My Dear Daniel sent me a short message this afternoon: “Ktmuan yuk. Hehe.. Bsk gw brngkt. Hiks” (Let’s meet. Hehe.. Tomorrow I’ll leave. Hiks). I know this afternoon will rain. But I instantly replied: “I’m going…”

We met and decided that we need a cup of coffee.

He told me soooo… Many things! (As usual). How he learned to understand that everykids is unique. How he needs to face Latief who doesn’t like study, but he loves to draw badly. How Latief can jump from a table to another table. How my Dear Daniel always be a hater no matter where, when, to whom. And he said, “I’m happy with the way I’m being now. How God put me in a place that I less prefer…”

He stopped. I smiled.

“You remind me of my friend. She asked me couple weeks ago with a simple question. If you want a thing badly, how would you know that it’s your faith or it’s just your way of being stubborn?”, asked I.

He remained silent…

“I don’t know whether you still remember or not. We ever spent a night in basement. When we practiced with AgriaSwara. We discussed, why do you think there are people who are poor? And we both agreed that it’s simply because they couldn’t enjoy who or what they are now. The way they think about their situation makes them become poorer…”

“I remember it well.”

“But, do you also remember that we said, ‘We enjoy the way we are being now. Going everywhere using public transportation, sitting and have a chat in a traditional coffee shop with a bowl of instant noodle. Because we both know, there’s a time, someday in the future, that we will keep continue doing things like this but in a fancier coffee shop, right after the office hour.’ And now, see where we are now. Starbucks, after an office hour… That’s faith.”

I goosebumps

He continued, “That’s faith. When you realize that there are so many options out there and you just know that this one is going to be yours. But when you are being stubborn, you close your eyes, your heart, you ears to other options…”

At the end, when we walked to taxi queue, he asked, “What’s the most favorable thing of yours tonight?”

“You give me a happy farewell. You make me laugh when I say, ‘I’m going to see you again’. As we both know, we’ll keep continue on doing this way… And no matter how part we are, we will see each other again without lacking any of these feelings”.

I wish you luck, my dear Daniel. And I know that I’m going to see you again and I still know that you will always be my sunshine after the rain πŸ™‚

I’m going to miss you in every cup of my coffee… Until I see you again…


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