Bing | Decode Jay-Z Case Study (1)

Disclaimer: I am definitely not a fans of neither Jay-Z nor BING. And I am not an expert in communication. I am just a statistician who is now working on the strategic analyst company in Indonesia. So, feel free to discuss this topic 🙂

Long before the success of Marlboro in running Marlboro Connections 2011 program in Indonesia, BING has done the same campaign in 2010. BING was having a desire to improve their relevance with the young audience, and at the same time, Jay-Z launched his autobiography “Decoded”. With a great creative idea the two of them got together, giving Jay-Z a new demographic public, and giving millions a reason to use Bing.

As a result:
1. BING got 11.7% increased in visits to their search engine
2. Which finally tipped them into top 10 of most visited websites in the world.
3. Large numbers of people started using BING for search and mapping over Google

It was not only give BING a room to grow, but also give Jay-Z benefits:
1. Jay-Z’s Facebook page grew by 1,000,000 fans
2. Jay-Z’s book, Decode, was on the best seller list for 19 straight weeks!

Surely you will ask why I compare it to the Marlboro’s Campaign, Marlboro Connections… So, here you go. There are two things that I wish to discuss in my blog that makes me going to split this story into 3 parts. The first part (which is the one you are reading now), I will introduce you on Bing | Decode Jay-Z campaign. What it is and how it is going you can check on the video. On the second part, I will discuss further about this campaign. And on the last part, is the key learning for integrated communication channel.


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