Amazing Australia #3 – Canberra (2)

I have to break my stories about Canberra into 2 parts as I spent most of my times here, and also it is the city that I am in love with the most. I probably have an old soul (haha..) as I am so in love with this quit city. Even in rush hour, I was still able to get a seat in the bus. No edifice in Canberra, and with many museums and libraries everywhere, I found Canberra to be enough to make a living in.

My boyfriend taught me that there are only 2 price groups in Australia: free of charge or expensive one. Hahaha… You can go in for free to most museums in Canberra and of course, the collections inside will make feel WOW! Here are the places I visited during my stay in Canberra (without following the order of the time I visited them)

1. Questacon

Based on the experiences we had the day before, several museums and attractions were free of charge. Hence, I, my boyfriend, Citra & Wira came to Questacon and presumed that it would also be a free of charge museum. Otherwiseeee… the ticket price for an adult is AU$ 23 and AU$ 17.5 for concession. The ticket price was very expensive for me until I was joking to my boyfriend that if it would only be like a science museum in Indonesia, I would go out and set a fire to this building.

Finally, four of us entered the museum. In a day, every visitor will get 4 free show. Since we had entered the museum after lunch hour, only the remaining 2 shows we could going in. The first show is about hot air balloon. Seeing the person who brought the show and the equipment used as the models, I immediately said, “This is the reason why the museum is not free.”

While waiting for the next show, we went around the museum. And the museum successfully amazed us. It is divided into 8 sections with specific themes for each section. In each section, there are props related to the scientific theories or studies. From the outside, the building looks so small, but inside… I only could say that I was unsatisfied as we only had a few hours and have not tried all the equipment inside.

The second show was about the dinosaurs… This time, the host tells a lot about dinosaurs and the myths that Hollywood has created about these ancient animals. Using many properties such as dinosaur’s dung and bones, the second show was not only attractive to children to listen and participate but also me to sit and listen to the stories presented.

In addition to a fantastic place, the canteen inside also offer relatively inexpensive foods. It is only between AU$ 4-8 for quite heavy meals. So, I am so happy that I do not need any immigration authorities to deport me for burning such a great science museum.

2. National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia

Talking about National Museum of Australia, is talking about a very huge museum with so many parts inside about landmarks, Australian journeys, first Australians, Eternity, the old and new land, and circa.

In landmarks, it shows people and places across Australia. Tells us about who they are and how they live in, how they established enterprises, grown communities, even built the cities.

In Circa theater, you will have 16-minutes audiovisual experience on a journey through Australia’s past and introducing us to the National Museum’s collections. The show features so many  objects.

My boyfriend and I turned childish when we entered the K-Space part. This part is actually specified for families and children (OK, maybe we are part of this children definition :p) It starts with us being photographed, then we used touch screen computers to create futuristic building or vehicles. We can choose the colors, shape, and add special features as we would love to. Then, the final designs were presented in three-dimensional theater. Our new buildings and vehicles are personalized with our own photo in a very dynamic animated city.

3. National Carillon

National Carrilon

Carillon is actually a gigantic musical instrument made of 55 bronze bells. The bells each weigh from seven kilograms to six tons. Located on Aspen Island, Lake Burley Griffin, the National Carillon was a gift from the British Government to the people of Australia to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the national capital. And in this 2013, Canberra celebrates its 100th anniversary, meaaansss!!!! It has been 50 years old now! Queen Elizabeth II accepted the National Carillon on behalf of Australians on April, 26 1970.

I was so lucky that I had time to enjoy the summer lunchtime entertainment by the lake. It performs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at the National Carillon from 12.30 pm to 1.20 pm. Once again, it shows you me and my boyfriend’s old souls. Hahahaha… We spent times only to enjoy our lunch that we have prepared before at home, just sit and read books (of course he enjoyed his math book) and walked around the lake. And we ended up with sipping our cup of coffee on Lake Burley Griffin’s side.

Other than those 3 places above, I also went to my boyfriend’s office in ANU (which is so far from tidiness) and National Portrait Gallery where I saw Queen Elizabeth’s big portrait that is soooo beautiful. One of our Indonesian friend suggested us trying Kingsley’s Chicken that is only available in Canberra and for me Indonesia’s KFC tastes loooottts better than this chicken. Hahaha…

And for the first time, I ate Kangaroo steak in Banana Leaf restaurant, located in Canberra Center. And you have to go for Kingsley’s Steak, also located in Canberra Center. The price is reasonable with better taste for its Kangaroo steak. Unfortunately, we didn’t go for eating out that many in Canberra as we want to save the money for the journey that soon will start in other cities so we prefer to cook. Hahaha..

Please bear with me as I still have Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney to share 😉

Hope you’ll enjoy it..


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