Amazing Australia #5 – Hobart

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Melbourne. On January, 7 2013, we took flight from Melbourne to Hobart using Tiger Airways that takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is true when it’s said the best time to visit Tasmania is during summer. Even in summer we got horribly cold weather (especially for me, because I’m not cold resistant :p)

Hobart from Above

Hobart from Above

As we didn’t find any information before on how to get to our hotel from the airport, we tried to find the information just after we were landed. My boyfriend approached one shuttle bus driver, the driver told us that it will cost AU$ 17 per person from airport to city center using that shuttle bus. Plus from the city center we should take bus to reach our hotel (Lindisfarne Motor Inn) that will cost AU$ 3 per person. So in total we will spend AU$ 40. Then, you know what happened next? The shuttle bus driver suggested us to take taxi instead of his bus, because assuming AU$15 per 5 km, it will cost us around AU$ 45 without any unnecessary inconvenience.

Guess what? In the end we only spent AU$ 35 for the taxi. This is one thing that you would rarely find in Indonesia. Honesty and integrity in doing your work… Salute!

Freaking cold Hobart

For me who don’t pretty much like cold weather, Hobart is really cold. Even in the afternoon it is normal to have 14-19 degree Celsius (and remember, it is supposed to be summer!!). I had prepared myself for summer which was totally gone wrong. Hahahaha… :)) But it doesn’t make Hobart awful. I put Hobart on the second best visited city in Australia (after Canberra of course :p) And there are so many places that I really would like to share with you all. Hobart makes me feel like staying in a very comfort country side… Super!

First thing we did as we arrived in Hobart was to open my laptop and we tried to Google as many as possible travel agents and what are the places that we should visit. Then we found this website: Captain Fell’s Historic Ferries. From their website, we got their contact number and their location. It’s really easy to find. From our hotel, we just took a bus to the city center then walked around 8-10 minutes to find the place.

Captain Fell's Historic Ferries

Captain Fell’s Historic Ferries, Hobart

They offer quite cheap tours (as we had compared with other travel agents) varied from visiting Cadbury’s factory, city tour using double Decker bus, Richmond village, and Mount Wellington tour. So that we decided to go to city center for lunch and to find Captain Fell’s Historic Ferries’ office.

OK, good tips for you if you have plan to go to Hobart is.. buy daily pass bus ticket. It only costs AU$ 5 for the whole day, especially when you plan to have a city tour. Because it is really cheap rather than buying the ticket each time you want to use the bus. The bus ticket price is starting from around AU$ 2 for a single short trip. But, you have to remember that this ticket price is only applied after 9 a.m everyday.

So, we found the guy in Captain Fell’s Historic Ferry was really helpful. It happened again when the seller acted fair enough. As we only had only 3 days for tour, he helped us with the arrangements. And he suggested the other travel agents that offers different time tour so that we could adjust it with our schedule.Β Fantastic!

Below is the travel agent we used during our trip to Richmond Village:

+60408 341 804 (Jenna)

Rosny Hills

Rosny Hills Lookout, Hobart

It’s Double Decker!!

So here we are… Spending our first day by taking the city tour with double Decker. The price offered by Captain Fell’s Historic Ferry is cheaper compared to other travel agents. And it was our lucky day… Haha… That day, it was only two of us rode on the bus. We took the seats on the second level. This bus brought us to visit some Hobart tourism spots.

The city tour was closed by taking a stop at Rosny Hill Lookout point. It is a well-known scenic vantage point providing expansive views to the north and south along the Derwent River, including the Hobart city center.

Richmond Village’s Hobbit Hole

Richmond Village

Beautiful Richmond Village with Richmond Bridge as the background.

We spent our second day to take a tour to Richmond Village. From the internet we only found that Richmond is a preserved historical village. It’s only 20 minutes drive from Hobart.

As soon as we arrived in Richmond Village, it feels like we ain’t go anywhere else. Just want to sit on the river side everyday… The view is really awesome until I wondered that it is probably the feeling of living in the hobbit hole. I forced myself to walk around the small city as I already felt in love with the river side’s view.

St John's Catholic Church

St John’s Catholic Church, Richmond Village – Hobart

We firstly went to St. John’s Catholic Church, a bit up the hill… It’s a small church with burial ground in front of it. Went down the hill, we crossed Richmond Bridge (originally named Bigge’s Bridge) to the city center. We entered some souvenirs shop and ended stopping in Sweets and Treats.

Sweets and Treats is an old style sweet shop. We randomly (again) picked 3 ice cream flavors (licorice, rum & raisin, and honeycomb) with extra cone. The price is AU$ 5.90 for the ice cream and AU$ 0.20 for the

Sweets and Treats

Sweets and Treats’ Three Flavors Ice Cream with Extra Cone, Hobart

extra cone. And it tasted really goooodddd!!!! It is fair enough for an ice cream as by looking at the price, you will spend the same amount of money eating ice cream in a good ice cream shop in Jakarta.

After filled ourselves with sweet stuffs, we continued the journey to the other part of the city: Richmond Gaol. From the travel agent, we got free entrance to Richmond Gaol. I didn’t really feel like enjoying the time we spent here. I just went around the building quickly then moved out. I waited my boyfriend outside. Why? I am having a little phobic to dark and closed place. I got this combo situation in Richmond Gaol. The gaol consists of dark, small, frowsty rooms for the prisoners. So, thanks for the free entrance, but no thanks for spending my time more in that place.

A beautiful afternoon…

Just another beautiful afternoon

Just another beautiful afternoon

Tasmanian Salmon Quiche

Tasmanian Salmon Quiche with Richmond Bridge as the background, Hobart

From the Richmond Gaol, I happily went to The Richmond Bakery (yeaay!!) There are extensive range of breads, pies, gourmet sandwiches with delicious pastries, desserts, cakes, and excellent coffee and tea. We chose: apple cake (AU$ 3.80), tasmanian salmon quiche (AU$ 5.20), and muffin orange (AU$ 3.80) then decided not to spend our meals only in the indoor or outdoor courtyard. Though the scene is beautiful, I would be very happy to spend our meals next to the riverside…

I was troting when we went back to the riverside. We ate everything and I can only say that these are the meals that will give you happy affection after eating them. Just simply perfect πŸ™‚

(Just) Another Random Afternoon

We were really hoping that we can go to Mount Wellington after coming back from Richmond village. The tour schedule matched with ours, the price was also good. But it was just not our luck. After we arrived back to the city center, rain dropped and the tour cancelled the trip to Mt Wellington that day as the view would not be good because of the fogs. We walked sluggishly to find our favorite okonomiyaki in Noodle Bento (the price is around AU$ 7-8, but we ordered the extra one which is AU$ 9 for both of us). It is located just next to Dome Cafe in city center.

After we were done with our lunch, we just walked to the bus station and sadly said, “OK, we probably just need to go home, take a bath, and turn on the heater”.

While we were waiting for the bus, I saw a bus that stop at Seven Mile Beach across our bus station. Then I impulsively asked my boyfriend to take the bus and we went to the beach. And? He agreed. Hahaha… So we took the bus using our daily pass to the Seven Mile Beach πŸ˜€

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach, Hobart

Seven Mile Beach is a coastal reserve. It takes around 20 minutes (around 18 kilometers/11 miles) from the city. It is a long crescent of sand overlooking Frederick Henry Bay. Just behind the beach, there are areas with picnic facilities, showers, and toilets. We didn’t spend long time here in Seven Mile Beach as it had been near too evening and we were afraid we couldn’t catch the bus to go back to the city center. And the weather that day was just terribly cold. Can you imagine that we went to the beach using multiple shirts,

scarf, jacket. Hahaha… It was just looked so wrong XD

Romantic Lunch and Artsy Trip

Our third day in Hobart started with a romantic lunch treat from my boyfriend.. πŸ™‚ We enjoyed our lunch on board while the ferries cruised the beautiful Derwent River. It was just a perfect combination… Old ferries, beautiful Derwent River’s view, nice lunch, and the partner (of course).

MONA, Museum of Old and New Art

MONA, Museum of Old and New Art

After finished our lunch, we went back to take away some sushi as we were about to continue our journey to MONA (Museum of Old and New Arts). MONA is an art museum located within the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart. It can be said as the largest privately funded museum in Australia. The museum presents antiquities, modern, and contemporary art. We could take ferries, bus or plane to reach this museum. The entrance fee is quite pricy but if you love arts, this is a really good place for you to enjoy many kinds of arts. It was not something that I could tell you, as no matter how perfect I try to describe the place, it would be just insufficient to picture the beauty of this museum and the scene surrounds it. The outdoor cafeteria is also nice. The foods and beverages are good, especially when you take it outside so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

So, this is the end of our journey in Hobart… Next, I will tell more about Sydney. Enjoy πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Amazing Australia #5 – Hobart

    • For me it is, Re πŸ˜€ I love Canberra and Hobart compared to Melbourne and Sydney. OK, Melbourne is on the third position and Sydney is the least. I didn’t really whether it is true or not that the crops is amazing there in Tasmania. But they are quite famous for their salmon πŸ™‚

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