Amazing Australia #6 – Sydney

Here we come to my final part trip to Australia, Sydney! This is where the story began and where it should end 😦

We took morning flight from Hobart to Melbourne and continued the flight to Sydney. Same with our previous trip, we just looked for the information as soon as we arrived in Sydney: how to get the hell out of the airport?! While waiting for our baggage to come out, we searched on the internet and we found that you can of course take taxi from the airport, but there is also public bus number 400 (Burwood to Bondi Junction) and 410 (Rockdale to Bondi Junction). Bondi Junction is an area consist of commercial and bus & trail interchange.

During our trip in Sydney, we stayed in Noah’s Bondi Beach. It’s a backpacker hotel that is located just in front of the famous Bondi Beach and another advantage is that you can reach this hotel easily by using public transportation. You just need to walk one or two minutes to the bus waiting. The room is quite neat although they just provide blanket, tap water and refrigerator in the room and share bathrooms for female and male.

Eat, eat, and eat!!!

Unlike our previous trip before in Canberra, Melbourne, and Hobart, we didn’t spend so much time to visit places in Sydney. Main reason is that I have to take TOEFL iBT on January, 12th. Hahaha 🙂 *please do not say that I am a geek only because of this reason >,<*

Mojo's Tapas Bar

Mojo’s Tapas Bar

So after laying down and took a short nap, we tried to find where should we go for dinner around Bondi Beach. Then we randomly decided to have our dinner in Mojo’s Tapas Bar (you can find the review here).

We again randomly chose 3 meals to have those I have forgotten all the names! But it’s just worth every penny! Though the portions are small, but these are those kind of foods that will make you become quite while having it. It’s super nice!!! :9 Yummyyy… not to mention the pretty and super welcome staffs there… It will just make the place, perfecto!

The second day, we went to Lilliputien to have breakfast. From the review in Urbanspoon, we found that it was quite good. We ordered pancake and a small size apple cake. Buuut… it tastes soooo bad for us. We couldn’t finished our meals… 😥 If you know me and my boyfriend, we both could never leave foods without it is being finished. If I couldn’t finish it, he will help, and so do I. But this time, we just left it there without finish it. Hahaha.. So, for the first time after 6 stories, here I am going to tell you not to go to this place! Ever!!

To pay off the breakfast we had, we took 2 meals from 2 restaurants for our lunch and dinner… hahaha… First we bought eggplant pizza from Gelbison Pizzeria Ristorante. And this time, we were not disappointed anymore. It tastes good. Hahaha.. After finished up our pizza, we took a walk along Bondi Beach and going to our second places: Beach Burrito Company!! We took away the meal and enjoyed it by sitting on a bench on the beach…Good meal. Good afternoon view. Good companion… Perfect way to close your day.

It’s TOEFL and IMAX time 🙂 🙂 🙂

By morning, we had left our hotel to go to another part of  Sydney. My TOEFL test was taken place on TAFE building and our Google Map (for the first time) cheated on us! It showed us the wrong way and made us to take a walk for 20 minutes to the correct building. Hahaha… After reached the place and registered myself, we took breakfast (and lunch for me) at Mad Mex. My boyfriend has drugged me to love Mexican foods as well. The process to order the meals is quite interesting for me. You will walk on the short aisle to choose how you want your burritos to be served. Choose the topping, choose the sauce, yummy and playful! Hahaha 🙂

Giant Rubber Duck

Giant Rubber Duck @ Darling Harbour

After finished and burned my brain for couple of hours, my boyfriend picked me up and he told me what were the things he did during my test. We took a walk to China town, tried to enjoy our not so good Oporto (fast food restaurant). And then continued walking to Darling Harbour and we found this huge rubber duck!!! It was sitting nicely on the harbour.

We went inside to book our ticket first. We were going to watch The Hobbit at IMAX theater that has the largest IMAX screen in the world (at 117.2 feet wide and 96.5 feet high). But anyway, my boyfriend found interesting facts about The Seven IMAX Wonders of the World! The complete information you can find on the available link above, but the spoiler is:

The Golden Snail – Jakarta, Indonesia
Possibly the most gorgeous, organic IMAX theater in the world, the Golden Snail theater (also known as the Keong Emas IMAX) in East Jakarta, Indonesia is meant to resemble the golden apple snail, a national symbol of Indonesia. It was the largest screen in the world from 1985 to 1991, and the 930-seat theater (quite possibly the largest-capacity IMAX theater in the world) is now mostly used for tourist films on the natural beauty of Indonesia. Interestingly, the Golden Snail Theater has never shown a film about the golden apple snail.


After watching the movie, we went directly to our hotel. Becausee… We want to enjoy our Mojo’s for the last time! Hahaha… so saaad… So that we chose another 3 different meals (also different from what we ate before) and still we came to the conclusion: YOU SHOULD REALLY GO TO THIS HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!

Nice way to close your last night in Sydney…

Hope to see you again soon, Sydney… Not to enjoy the city, but to see my love one and have another story to tell 🙂

Thanks for reading it! Will see you with another story to tell 🙂


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