Sawarna Beach: the lost small paradise in Banten

If you probably have ever wondered where I took the photo I use as the header of my blog, I will tell you more about the place here. Yes, it is our beautiful small paradise, Sawarna Beach.

Sunset at Sawarna Beach

Sunset at Sawarna Beach

With a distance of 170 km towards the south of Jakarta, Sawarna beach is located in Sawarna Village, Bayah District, Lebak, Banten. Sawarna itself is a coastal village that has varied interesting tourism spots. Lately, people have become more aware about this place as many local travel agents have offered trip to Sawarna. It becomes more complete with spectacular waves for surfing enthusiasts. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the beaches are becoming a new heaven for Australian, Japan, and Korean surfers.

Sawarna village will not only offer you with its beautiful beaches, but also a wide range of interesting attractions to visit such as rivers, forests, rock cliffs, caves, and agro-tourism. Similar to the southern coastal region of Java, this place fuses with the mythical story of Nyai Roro Kidul.

Before I tell you further about this place, please prepare yourself to be impressed with the vast stretches of rice fields, beautiful panoramic view of the village, lined palm and oak trees with blowing fresh air that you can enjoy all day long… It is just a perfect place to hide away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Goa Laylay (Laylay Cave)

Goa Laylay, Sawarna

Goa Laylay, Sawarna

Goa Laylay (Laylay Cave) also known as Goa Kelelawar (Bat Cave). It is a cave where hundreds bats are living in and you will find clear water that flows in the cave. Goa Laylay formed from the cracks of limestone due to tectonic activities. The length of the cave is estimated can be up to 1,000 meters. The water dissolves the limestone before it sediments and in the end creates varied cave ornaments. The base of this cave is a muddy underground river with the thickness between 10-15 cm.
Sawarna BeachPicsArt_1365757631672Sawarna beach is the main attractions that is located within Ā± one kilometer from the suspension bridge near the entrance of Sawarna Village. We can only reach this beach using motorbike or by foot. It is mainly because of the small suspension bridge that only has one meter width. Sawarna beach is a white sand beach, typical of most beaches in Java island.

Tanjung Layar

Two Standing Corals

Two Standing Corals, Tanjung Layar

Tanjung Layar can be reached by walking for ten minutes from Sawarna Beach. Tanjung Layar is a beach that is fortified by two large coral (approximately to five meters in height), make a screen like shape with rows of reef that extends in front of the beach. Due to this condition, Tanjung Layar becomes a kind of quiet lagoon with no wave and making it becomes a favorite tourism spot for swimming and dipping.

Not to forget, because of its location that is just right in the west, Tanjung Layar is an ideal place to enjoy sunset with the silhouette of two standing big corals as the background šŸ˜‰

Karang Taraje

Karang Taraje

Karang Taraje, Sawarna

Karang Taraje is actually a stretch of beach with coral reef along the Pari Sepang / Cikoromong Laguna Beach. The beach is full of rock that forms into ladder like shape. It is named as Karang Taraje because at some point, we have to climb a Taraje (means ladder in Sundanese) that is made of of wood to be at the top of the reef.

In some spots, we should take several layers of corals where on the left side you will see high coral cliffs and on the right side you will find a vast seas with huge waves that hit the reefs. In Karang Taraje, we can also see some corals that form the basin of the pool between corals. The basin is filled with water and fish, no wonder many locals are happy to make Karang Taraje as their fishing spot.

How to get there?

Due to the location between beaches and caves is rather tricky and relatively far away, and also the sign of tourist sites is not sufficient, I would advise visitors to hire local guide or travel agent who can help you to provide lodgings. According to local people, you can pay IDR 100,000 per day per group (can also depend on the negotiation).

And the sun goes down

And the sun goes down, Sawarna

Up to now, Sawarna has no hotel facility. Travelers who want to stay can choose some homestay accomodation managed by the residents. Do not worry as their homestays are relatively good conditions and good services.

They generally will give you a package that includes 3x meals for visitors. There are only a few small shops that sell drinks and instant noodles on the beach. However, feel no worry, as the traditional foods are not disappointing. Rates are subject to vary between IDR 75,000 to IDR 200,000 per person per day (depending on the ability to bid and the facilities provided).

If you want to be worry free from doing bid, you can join the local travel agent who usually will offer full services from transportation, local guide, lodging, and bicycle rent. One of the local travel agent you can contact is Jelajah Hemat that you can find the information here.

Enjoy your trip šŸ™‚


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