How to resolve: “Turegopt Program Not Found – Skipping Auto Check” issue

Disclaimer: I’m not a computer freak so I write this article to help me archive this useful guideline that I have tried by myself and maybe some of you would probably facing the same problem so it can be useful not only for me but also for others.

Lately, an error message always appeared in each time I restart my laptop. It is written as follow:
Turegopt Program Not Found – Skipping Auto Check

I am using windows 7 home premium, and as I have written above, I had no idea what the hell was going wrong with my computer. So I tried to Google especially to find how to resolve this issue. Based on what I read, the appearance of this error can be due to unsuccessful software un-installation.  In my case, I am not pretty sure which unsuccessful un-installation that caused this error. As I am not a computer freak, I looked for easily understanding solution and I found below step by step:

  1. Click start –> search for regedt32, or you can click start –> run –> type regedt32

    Step 1_Run

    Run: regedt32

  3. Go to SYSTEM
  4. Choose CurrentControlSet
  5. Choose Control
  6. Click Session Manager
  7. On your right side, find BootExecute and double click it

    Step 2_RegEdt32

    Double Click on BootExecute

  8. Erase written “turegopt bla bla bla”
  9. Go to File –> Exit
  10. Try to restart or reboot your computer

And yess! I have tried it and it successfully removed the error message appeared.

Hope you might find it to be useful. Ciaaoo!! 🙂


15 thoughts on “How to resolve: “Turegopt Program Not Found – Skipping Auto Check” issue

  1. thanks a lot …….i was really helpful…..solved the problem …i have tried all other options available on net but failed all the time….ur help solved it in just one go

  2. i need one more suggestion if possible….i get a command prompt as soon as start my system….”.client.exe not found”…in windows 7….what can i do about it

  3. Fantastic. It really works. I have had this problem in the past, and found No solution, but now I have found this website page, and done as required. PROBLEM SOLVED.
    A Great Big Thank You.

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