A thousand malls country, Singapore


Singapore’s Night View

This is not my first time to be in Singapore. And just like my first experience, I still don’t like Singapore that much. Especially as Singapore now feels more highly dense populated than before. So this time, me and my boyfriend only do culinary hunting from one place to another. Below are some restaurants that you might find to be good especially for Indonesian taste 🙂

1. Toa Payoh MRT – Food Court

In Toa Payoh MRT station, you will find a very long queue during lunch time for people to order rojak. Only one stall in Toa Payoh MRT station that sells rojak. It is located near the escalator. You can order for medium or large portion. Though the taste is quite different with the rujak that we have known in Indonesia, this kind of rojak is worth to try for the sake of science 😀

2. Tiong Bahru Pau – Toa Payoh MRT Station

This is still located within Toa Payoh MRT Station complex. I haven’t tried for its pork pau, but so far I am addicted to its small chicken pau and har gao. There are two sizes you can choose for the paus, small one or the large one. For the small one, the price is S$0.9 and the large one is S$1.9. My boyfriend prefer the large one but I prefer the small one as the chicken has been chopped into smaller pieces. Both the chicken pau and har gao have thin skins that make it tastes really good.

3. Minang House – Lucky Plaza
304 Orchard Road Lucky Plaza #02-04

Hahaha.. Do you believe that I go to Singapore to enjoy masakan Padang? It is my boyfriend’s full responsibility to take the blame :p Yes, it’s because he is craving for masakan Padang (Padang cuisine) after quite some time he hasn’t been back home yet. He is a die hard masakan Padang eater so he has highly demand to Padang restaurant. After googling and found very creepy result such as: authentic malaysian masakan Padang — hold on, there is something not right here.. ya yaaa.. whaaat?! malaysian masakan Padang?! Where do you think Padang is located in?! — we finally read review about this Padang restaurant that Indonesian said this restaurant serves authentic taste.

Aaand, yes!!! It really is.. The taste is very authentic with varied menus and they also serve Indonesian traditional drink like es cendol.

4. Egg tart – Tong Heng Confectionary, Chinatown
285 South Bridge Road, China Town

Egg Tart

Egg Tart @ Tong Heng Confectionary

As one of the oldest confectioneries in Singapore, Tong Heng confectionary is famous for its traditional chinese pastries. I only give a try to its signature egg tart. Unlike other egg tart that conventionally round in shape, Tong Heng’s egg tart is made in a unique diamond shape. You can try an egg tart for only S$ 1.5 and you can choose whether you wanna have it there or take it away. I highly recommend you to go to this place and have a try 🙂 You will easily fall in love with its crispy crust and smooth egg fills the middle of the egg tart.

5. Le Cuisson
Blk 40 Holland Drive

Surprise yourself with a hawker french restaurant, Le Cuisson that is located at Holland Drive. Though the price is quite expensive for standard hawker foods (you will spend >S$ 14 for the main courses), but it really worths the price! Hafiz’ friend, Tasia recommended us this place. She said that the chef was used to work in a fancy French restaurant located in Marina Bay Sands. But he then quitted and started to build his own restaurant.

We tried two menus, I tried Cassoulet with Sausage Trio (lamb, pork, and beef) for S$ 14

Cassoulet with Sausage Trio

Cassoulet with Sausage Trio

And my boyfriend tried the Angus 150day grain for S$ 18

The Angus 150day Grain

The Angus 150day Grain

And we both just remain silence while having this main courses and keep feeding ourselves.. Yummy!!! If there is one reason for us going back to Singapore, it must be because of Le Cuisson… :9 If you are interested and want to find out more, you can go to their Facebook page: Le Cuisson

There you are. Hope you become salivate :p See you in our next trip.


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