“I wanna be rich…”

This was the conversation I got this morning with Mas H. I just feel like want to keep it in my blog so that one day maybe I can have a look on it and it will help us to remember who we were 🙂

12.35 pm (UTC+1)

Mas H:      “I feel like giving a donation to Wikipedia… You know what? So suddenly I really want to be a rich man. If I am rich, I can give donations to Wikipedia, support livestock breeding in Africa, send books to every corner of Indonesia, give scholarship for young mathematicians, support family planning program and anti-corruption movement in Indonesia, invest in robotic industry, and so on.”

Me:            “You are so philanthropic”

Mas H:      “Well, doesn’t mean that we won’t take the money for ourselves, but since I don’t really want to have a luxurious house or an excellent car, so I’m just thinking to only spend the money for us to travel round the world. But if we do travelling, I would not prefer to stay in five-stars hotels or take business class seat, so in that case, I don’t think we need to be rich to do so.”

Me:            “Hihihi… Plus, I never have any intention to buy any high-end shirts nor bags. I don’t want to buy a shoes / bag which with its prices I can solve many problems in the world in one go.”

Mas H:      “Hahaha… we have no gene to be rich. Probably if we are so suddenly getting rich, we will just be bedazzled.”

We are 🙂


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