Functional living thing you can have

Used to live with my parents, a noisy sister, a dumb dog, and an overconfident cat in a house makes me feel a bit lonely now living 11,349 kilometers away from home. I would say to live in a city called Hasselt now is better rather than to live in Brussels. The city is quite, but I can get all the things I need. However, when I come home, everything is different. I live alone, I cook only for myself, and no other living thing in my place other than me!

To have a dog or a cat in my place now is a bit hard for me as I have to walk my dog out because the condition is different in here. At home, my dog and cat can just run everywhere around the house. They can even have secret place to hide in our garden.

Then… I was thinking to have plant in my place. But I’m not a very caring person. I definitely will forget when should I change the soil, when to water them, etc.

I shared this thought with Mas H then he gave me this link. Then I found what I need! Scallion! To cook Indonesian foods, I sometimes need scallion. So what I did is I went to asian market to find the scallion. Why asian market? Because in most supermarket here, the roots of the scallion have been removed. While the one I can find in asian supermarket is not.. πŸ˜€

And yes, it magically regrows themselves in only couple of days πŸ™‚

Grow your own vegetables!

What do you need to start?

  1. Three or four scallions (depend on how frequent you use the scallion)
  2. A small cup / glass
  3. A small space near window so that your plant will receive enough sunshine.

This is how my scallion looked like on the third day after I cut two of them:


The first and second scallions from the left I cut at the same level three days earlier

After couple more days, I chopped another stalk and put them back in the water. And here’s how they look like after two days:

Scallion (2)

My first and second stalks of scallion have grown so much. And the third has started to regrow themselves.

Scallion is really easy to grow indoor. You just need to change the water every two days and you don’t need to wait for couple of weeks to see them grow.

Hope you find it to be useful! πŸ™‚


One thought on “Functional living thing you can have

  1. Is something nice to write , that something good to learn , most human being never want to learn when everything always ready for them , with this experience is make your self rich with everything you able to learn ,I have more worst experience the what you have , when first time I move out from the house leave my Mom and My Sister , I take Adventure to Australia(Sydney) where I’m not use to live without rice , but I’m not even knows how to cook rice (I was a spoil Kid) couple time I fail to make a rice for me to eat, they become a poorrice or they still hard , and that time I have to write a letter (No internet) take a week to get my mum to ask her how to cook rice and make a food to eat , and need anoher week to wait the letter for the answer , after that I have to start over to learn to cook with the letter on other hand for me to follow step by step hor to put ingredient and all the stuff to make it done.
    Don’t ask me that time how it taste the food I’m cooking , since I coo my self , and I need to eat also no other food I have so I have to eat what ever I make it.
    Being tired eat Potato chip(Fries) and chicken , I have some tears drop on my eyes with mis my mom and my sister and realise how they take care of me, but from there on I been learn try do better and better until I know what I cook someone else will lie it , at least they can eat and enjoy the food…
    From there I respect what they call Experience is the best teacher in your life.
    Love you Dea..

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