Happiness to me.. :)

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care – Theodore Roosevelt

This not so morning, I woke up with such an overwhelmed feeling. My mother has left me so many messages on my phone, and this time the messages are different with those I used to receive. The messages were about the very great young Indonesians with their positiveness and strength. And I just could not hold myself any longer to tell the story.

It begins when…

I texted my mom to confirm my date of arrival. I will have summer break for three months, and I will spend this summer in Indonesia (yaay!). I will be arrived back in Jakarta on July, 11. My mom then told me that she joined a group of Sabang Merauke that was organized by one of our friends (more information about this non-profit organization can be found here) as a host-family to have a child in a period of two weeks. The children will be coming from remote places in Indonesia. (S)he will be staying in our home from June, 26 – July, 13. My mom was joking that I will have no room when I’m home. Hahaha… I’m so happy when I know about that. And what makes me feel more happy is because I will still have 2 days (at least) to get to know about this child.

After that day, my mom keeps updating me with the progress of it. She attended the session held by Sabang Merauke for the host-families about their responsibilities and the event itself. She was informed about the girl named Yasmin who will be staying with our family and that Yasmin comes from Aceh (the western end province in Indonesia where city of Sabang is located at). The news successfully keeps me ‘alive’ during my exam period.

A heartwarming message…

Today, my mom has sent me so many messages at the time I woke up and checked my phone. She left me the stories about the journey of these kids to get to Jakarta. All of their stories are breathtaking. I will share one of the story here:

Lodia Isikiwar, ASM from MTB a small yet strong girl has started to take her (going to be) long journey this morning. A regular ship that usually passes the village where Lodia lives decided not to sail due to huge wave. A bigger motor-boat that was planned to be hired for IDR 2 millions by the local goverment also decided not to sail for the same reason. Luckily, around 6 a.m., Kapal Sabuk, a ship that usually only passes once in a month with unfix schedule stopped by in that area today. Immediately after Maghrib (afternoon muslim’s praying time — usually around 6p.m., Indonesia time), Lodia and her father took the ship boarded from Adodo village. And tomorrow, around 8 in the morning, the 15 hours journey to Saumlaki will begin. If things go well, Lodia will be arrived in Saumlaki by June, 26th and will continue the journey to reach Ambon using small airplane. The last airplane to board to Jakarta from Ambon that day will be at 15.30, but Lodia will only be estimated to arrive at 14.30, hence Lodia can only be flown by June, 27 2014 at 15.00 (GMT+8).”

Please pray that Lodia and many other friends from all around Indonesia will arrive safely in Jakarta.

Most of the kids are between 14-16 years old. All of them are coming from remote places from Sabang (the western end city of Indonesia) to Merauke (the eastern end city of Indonesia). They have to take uneasy journeys to be able to arrive in Jakarta. They are invited to Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) to celebrate the unity across differences. They have to stay with families that have totally different background from theirs. And these differences include religion and race. Not only understanding towards differences that is expected to be gained from this event, but also to know that education is one of the most possible ways to open many new options in their lives.

Are you interested?

If you feel interested with this movement, you can join them by becoming their volunteers or donate through their organization. You can contact them through the website I shared above. The story I have today makes me believe that Indonesia will definitely have brighter future. We have such a beautiful, powerful, full of dreams young generations and also not to forget to mention the people who work behind Sabang Merauke and every parts who support this movement to happen. Also my parents who decided to join this movement. You always be my heartwarming parents who teach me by action on how should we live our lives. I love you ❤


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