Things I hate about Belgium

Please do not get yourself provoked by the title of this article. Any judgement should be made once you finished reading this.


If I can honestly describe myself, I am a natural born complainer. Yes, I complain about sooo many things. This ‘good’ personality is combined with me being a hater. I will by default hate everything in the first place unless it is proven otherwise.

On September, 29 2014, I took flight from one of these UAE airlines from Jakarta to Brussels. The flight itself was actually so good. On my first flight from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi (now you can guess which airline it is) the passenger who was supposed to sit next to me, moved. So that I can get this freedom in a long haul journey that I always wish for. On the second flight, sat next to me an old Belgian couple who on their way back to Belgium from Bangkok. They were so lovely. They knew when to talk, they were the kind of passenger that you might wish to have on a plane.

Having this pleasant flight and not too long immigration queue made me smile when I came out to wait for my checked in baggage. Unfortunately it did not happen for too long. I saw my lovely orange baggage on its way to me, and when I was ready to pull it I just realized why it looked so dirty? I checked my baggage and found this irritating ‘intentionally’ made rupture just near the handle.

The intentionally ripped part of my luggage

The intentionally ripped part of my luggage

All the curses coming out of my mind!!!! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Only by looking at the ripping part, you will know that it is intentionally made, instead of an accident.

I felt like I can be a hulk in any second now.

But the bad things did not stop there. I forgot the main thing I hate about Belgium! Its ignorant young people. Seriously! With two trolley bags and one of them weight 23.8 kg, it was a bit hard for me to get on the train. And guess what? The guys in front of me only looked at me nicely while I was struggling to pull up my bags.

It happened until I had to yell at the railucy-guard that I need his help to get my bag on the train since the stairs was quite high.

The worst thing is not yet arrived. As I arrived at Hasselt Station, the escalator was off! To drag my luggage down was definitely easier than to pull it up again. I left my smaller bag on the first ladder step and tried to pull my bigger luggage. There were group of adults who only looked at me as if I was making some kind of acrobatic movement! (nice, maaannn!!!)

Until then, a young boy (I can bet that he is no older than 15 years old) came to me and asked: “Is that other bag also yours?”

I said, “Yes. Don’t worry, I will take it once I’m done pulling up this luggage.”

He then without saying anything anymore, went down, took my luggage and brought that to the top. I stood in silence.

“Thank you,” I don’t know whether I have given him my most sincere smile or not.

Around 10 more steps to the top, an old man approaching me. “Do you need help with that”

Had not yet recovered from my earlier shock, I heard an old woman (who I supposed probably his partner/friend) was yelling at him. So I replied instantly, “no, I’m fine. It’s almost there.”

This man did not hear my rejection. He helped me pull my luggage to the top. Again, I can only say, “Thank you..” in my astonishment.

I directly get a cab in front of the station. The driver was nice. He spoke English very well. We talked during our way to my place. From the conversation I know that he holds a diploma in architecture then continued his study in nano technology. He used to work in a French-American company. He traveled lots in the past due to his job desc of which also became the main reason of his divorce to his first wife. He is now retired. Sixty-eight years old is his age now. He said he only drive the cab on Monday – Wednesday, the rest of the day he will just stay at home as he still also is a consultant for some factories. He drives cab only to make himself busy.

My mind wondered, how big is the probability that I meant to meet this taxi driver? He only drives the cab from Monday-Wednesday. And I arrive on Monday too.

When I got off from his cab, he said to me: “Don’t forget to be grateful every time you awake in the morning. Being grateful that you are still alive to enjoy a brand new day. You know what? You will become a star. I believe so. I didn’t mean that you will become an actress. But you will be successful in things you do. Take care.”

I could reply nothing than wished him a good day and thanks for being nice.

I got to my room, called my close friend, Ms. Diba. Only hearing her voice made me so suddenly feel better. I then called Mbak Yuni, an Indonesian who lives just across the street. I asked whether she has something to eat or not since I do really have nothing on my refridge. She told me, “Just come.” In her house, I met Mbak Nino and Adel. We talked, we laughed, we ate good.

I forgot among one thing that I do really hate from Belgium, I have plenty other things to be grateful at. Things that make my life in the past one year was incredible, full of laughter, full of good things.

I always believe that things always happen for a reason. Including what happened to me today..


September, 29 2014
11.13  pm (GMT +2)


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