One day she found you. In the most unexpected ways. Hey, what are you? It’s tender and warm. They call you love… It’s able to draw the most beautiful smile on her face. So she asked love to stay…

It stays…

Then she learned to trust love. She shared love her weaknesses, her fears, her happiness, her dreams… Then one day it became their weaknesses, their fears, their happiness, their dreams. Love didn’t give up.

Only one day, love woke up and realized that love has grown in different directions. Their dreams were no longer seen. Their happiness became a constant sadness… Then love decided to leave. Love didn’t want to hurt deeper.

That day she learned, love hurts as well.

Then another love came. In different shape, in different scent. It smells like summer. It’s passionate, it’s flowery, it’s burning…

This time she found love in the aisles of the streets she passed, she pictured love on her film. Love grew in the couch when they were enjoying the TV series they loved. Love grew in the jazz club they went to. Love grew when they were dancing.

Oh there you are love! Happy to see you again… 🙂

But then love found another love. That makes love sees future that it doesn’t see when love’s with her. Then… love left.

She didn’t trust love anymore. What love left is only a broken heart, tears, and sadness at the end. Love left her scars… Left her wounded.

But love always finds a way… Still in different shape, in different form.

This time is no longer summer love. It’s an autumn love.

She likes it… She likes the smell of this love too. She likes this love’s smile.

She asked love to stay longer this time.

But she was afraid… What if love decides to leave again this time? She was uncertain. This time she thought that she should leave love before love hurts her.

She left.

Love came back. It didn’t let her go. Not now… It stays longer as what she wants it to.

She shared her love to another love. They had a lovely conversation that morning:

Hey, you know what? Maybe love is just not a long term relation type. Maybe love is not a marrying type. Maybe love only appears on every birthday party, hospital visit, jazz concert, salsa class… But however, it is still love.

Maybe, we couldn’t have the kind of love that we dream of.
Maybe our love is far from perfect.
And for once, I just want love to go as it is.

I know exactly how love look like, love will play all the beatles song that I like. But when I meet love, love doesn’t know anything about the beatles.
Love is not perfect.

But it is still love. 

And for me, my love quotes The Big Bang Theory even though love doesn’t like to watch it. Love proudly said it gave a try to The Game of Thrones and love likes it 🙂
This love lets me put my freezing hands on his stomach even though he screams every time I do it.
This love keeps telling me that I’m crazy because we are just two different kind of persons.

And I love you too..

And I know the love I have in us will stay for longer and it will survive through distances and difficult times.

Antwerpen, 9/12/2015
10:55 a.m.

Inspired by the conversation I had with my Dear Daniel.


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