I love you the most, when…

I love you the most, when the night skies have fallen. When the world has remained silent. When our bodies are tired from the gruesome day. We lay there, next to each other. Our skins touch and our bodies talk the rest.

They whisper of how much they want each other in between soft and passionate kisses. In between caresses and soft touches. They have a very long conversation, in between humming breathe and intertwined fingers.

The light has entirely gone by now. But I need no light to see how beautiful you are. By now, the world has become so quite that your heart beat becomes my favorite ballad.

We lay here, cover with nothing. No promises, not foreseeing the future. Only cover with present… That is when I love you the most.


Antwerpen, 11/12/2015
19:41 p.m.


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