At the end of the dock

The Deck

I will not forget.

At the end of this dock, I look back all the times that have gone behind me. The footsteps I left together with all the sweet and sour established memories along the way.

I will let myself to love and to be loved again. Wholeheartedly understanding the pain that sometimes comes with the love. The pain that reminds me of life itself. To have passion and to understand the suffer as the consequence of having it.

I will learn to forgive myself for all the lost of loves. To mourn that lost love as part of how beautiful it is to be able to love. Because even when we loose it, we couldn’t escape from the majesty of love that envelopes us every time we love. Over and over again…

I will stop myself from the jealousy that grows from time to time. Knowing that you are now happy without me. Because everything here still reminds me of you and how sometimes life feels so hard without you.

I leave this note here, at the end of the dock. Hoping that you would find it since no messenger would be able to reach where you are. I promise myself that I will come back here again. To once again feel the love we had. The only true love that I could have ever received from a man.


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