She stares at that particular name written on the screen of her phone. The only name.. She closes her eyes.

It was not the first time that thought came to her mind. Twice, thrice… She’s lost in count. He admitted that he likes her, so did she. But both of them see different futures. He wanted to leave this country badly, while for her she was thinking that it’s time for her to settle down a bit. So many things have happened to her this year and she just wanted to rest for a bit before she starts to think about her future again.

She knows well that the situation won’t change. Not now, not ever…

She knows that he’s holding the key of her happiness, which means that he’s also the one who can make her feel vulnerable. She tried to understand why, but she couldn’t.

She is closing her eyes now, hoping that this time she will really have the courage to leave. She will miss him badly, she knows..


There it goes, one push of a button that she hopes will help her to forget everything that has happened in the past three months. She wishes that she can erase all the good memories the same way she deleted his contact from her phone.

There she is… Leaving in silence. Waiting for the day when all the memories about him will also disappear and her heart will beat again.

She is closing her eyes again. This time to admit the complete sadness she’s feeling…


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