A Promise

22449191043_aa78f33ddd_o (1).jpgShe’s a stubborn girl. And she knows that.

She’s not an easy person to be loved. And she is fully aware of that.

She loves you in a different way, so you do.

Maybe sometimes both of you feel irritated by each other. That none of you could understand what the other wants.

You love each other so much and for that reason only you can hurt each other badly too.

You grow old together with a constant fight that gets into each other’s nerves. But it gets better and better as time goes by because she finally learns that time is ticking. And she doesn’t want to fill her time someday in the future only with regrets. For not being the first person to say sorry. For not being the first person to say ‘Hi’ after the fight. For not spending as much time as she wants with you.

She can only count with one hand how many times she ever said ‘I love you’ to you in 27 years. But that doesn’t mean she has less love for you.

You may not spend most of your times to tell her how much you care about her, but you would cook her favourite dishes every time she comes to you, frustrated and broke. You couldn’t tell her that you want to spend more time with her as well because you know that her happiness and dreams are out there. You couldn’t keep her by your side for as long as you want. Even though you always tell her that she will be fine out there and no matter how old she is now, you could never stop yourself from worrying about her. If she lives well, if she eats well, if she sleeps well.

She knows well enough that you like to travel, burry your minds with lots of books, because part of her adventurous trait comes from you. You taught her to be the woman she is now. Full of dream, full of aspirations, a smart and independent one because you taught her that, by giving the example from the way you live your life.

So here you are now… Separated miles away from each other.

In this valentine’s day, she made a promise to the man that both of you once loved and still love so dearly. That she will do the things that him as your husband would have wanted. Take you to see the world before the time is up. You like to travel but you gave up on that once you have her. She knows not a second in your life you ever regret it. You saved all the money to provide her the best education that you can afford. To provide her all the facilities she needs to have in order for her to get what she wants.

She doesn’t like to go home. But she wants to see you and spends time with you. So here is the promise that she made. To use the money that she will use to go home by spending it to meet you in all different places around the world every year. Make you meet the people that you miss all this time but you couldn’t see due to the geographical limits.

Happy Valentine’s day, mama…

Antwerpen, 14/02/2016
12:46 p.m.


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