Are we there yet?

23913940940_8a8ae581d5_o (1)

Are we there yet? In a good place where we finally could feel comfortable and no longer squirming to find places in tight spaces in crowded rooms. The place that fits us well. Where we are no longer trying to keep everything together with all the forces we have. Trying to hold on to each other in exchange of silent hopes.

Or are we still in the same place where every morning we wait for our coffee to brew, we could not help our mind to wonder whether or not we are special… If we will be important or if we have lived the life as we wanted to.

Are we there yet? Have we become better or worse? Or have we stopped paying attention to each other because everything is no longer new and lovely.

Are we there yet? Holding each other in our hearts and treat each other as someone special? Or we are now alone, tired from even holding each other’s hands. Hoping to call but we have nothing to talk anymore. Are we still happy to grow up together or we have had enough of us, walk away from each other, trying to be special and something but we are now?

Are we still wishing for our next meeting to come? Or we now wonder about all the times we wished they would go faster and no longer miss the long nights.

Were we there?

Are we there?

Are we there then?

Antwerpen, 13/04/2016


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