My 101 Dreams

“This is my quest
To follow that star

No matter how hopeless
No matter how far”
(The Impossible Dream – From Man of La Mancha)

It is not yet 101, but my target is to have 101 dreams written in this page. Including those I have achieved and those I really want to achieve.

  1. When I die, I want my corpse to be cremated.
  2. I want to be remembered as a smart, humble Indonesian woman with integrity, a woman who you can be happy with.
  3. Before I die, I should have had traveled around Indonesia. Must see: Pulau Komodo, Raja Ampat, Wakatobi
  4. I want to go to France. (done in 2014)
  5. I want to go to Japan. (done in 2009)
  6. I want to be able to speak French fluently.
  7. I will get my international TOEFL in 2012.
  8. During my bachelor degree period, I want to be the representative of Indonesia in International forum.
    (done in 2009 and 2010)
  9. I want to do traveling for free (company or governments paid). (done in 2010, 2012)
  10. I want to have a master degree in Biostatistics or Master in Bioinformatics abroad.
  11. Graduate from my master degree in two years or less. (done in Sept 2015)
  12. Be a bright international student in my master degree.
  13. Pursue my PhD degree in biostatistics / bioinformatics.
  14. Be a VLIR-UOS awardee for master in Biostatistcs in Hasselt University. (done in 2013)
  15. Continue my master degree in Australia.
  16. Make a program for biostatistics or bioinformatics using R.
  17. I want to have an international career. (done in Oct 2015)
  18. I want to work in big international company. (done in 2010)
  19. I want a simple wedding ceremony where all my best friends and families can be there with me.
  20. I want to wear my sister’s design on my wedding day.
  21. I only want to get married once for a life time
  22. Be a wife who is a helper to my future husband.
  23. I want to go around the world with my future husband.
  24. Record children songs for my own kids with my future husband.
  25. Produce one traveling book, written by myself.
  26. Touch real kangaroo!
  27. I want to learn diving.
  28. I want to have my personal snorkel, diving masks and the fins.
  29. Ride a roller coaster in Dufan. (done in somewhere between 2008 or 2009)
  30. Go to Great Barrier Reef.
  31. Go to Egypt.
  32. Go to Greenland.
  33. Do backpacker around South East Asia.
  34. Watch “The Phantom of The Opera” of Andrew Loyd Webber in Paris or London.
  35. Watch a Broadway in New York.
  36. Go to India. (done in 2012)
  37. Traveling in high speed train (TGV or Shinkansen). (Shinkansen done in 2009)
  38. Fly with Singapore Airlines (without paying). (done in 2012)
  39. Do rafting. (couple of times)
  40. Ride a tuk tuk in Thailand. (done in 2010)
  41. Ride an auto in India. (done in 2012)
  42. I want to have a swatch. (done in 2009)
  43. I want to be able to play piano. (done)
  44. Be able to play flute. (done)
  45. Have a solo long drive (300+ kms).
  46. I want to be in the cockpit.
  47. Going to Jerusalem with my mom, dad, and my sister.
  48. Do regular walk with my future husband everyday after we have dinner.
  49. Have a business in creative industry, or eatery.
  50. Learn to ride a motorbike. (done in somewhere between 2008 – 2009)
  51. Be able to drive a car. (done)
  52. Be a dance instructor for kids.
  53. Experience white Christmas.
  54. Can make a cake.
  55. Have my own blog where I can share my thoughts, stories, pictures. (done in 2011)
  56. Be in one stage with Mike Mohede. (done)
  57. Watch Josh Groban live performance!!
  58. Buy a computer with my own money. (done in July 2013)
  59. Able to operate mac book.
  60. Ride a roller coaster. (done in 2007)
  61. Have a library in my home. All my books will be stored there. It will have the view of a mountain (or beach) from the room. It will have a very comfortable sofa where I can read the book with an old gramophone next to it.
  62. Buy my own camera. (done in August 2013)
  63. Write something to be published in Jakarta Post.
  64. Learn to shoot a rifle.
  65. Do archery.
  66. Do european swordfighting. (done in June 2015)
  67. Do community service.
  68. Write a bed time story.
  69. Win swimming competition. (done in junior high)
  70. Eat kangaroo’s meat. (done in 2013)
  71. Eat fresh meat (without cooked). (done in 2012)
  72. Eat fried insects. (done in 2010)
  73. Be a member of an orchestra. (done in 2003)
  74. Be a member of a marching band. (done in high school)
  75. Be able to cook a delicious Indonesian foods.
  76. Ride on a cable car. (done for couple of times)
  77. Attend my best friends’ wedding. (done in 2014: Tewe)
  78. Do hand knitting to make a scarf. (done in 2013)
  79. Do skiing. (done in November 2014)
  80. Have my own roller skate. (done in September 2014)
  81. See the northern lights (aurora borealis). (done in February 2015, Iceland)
  82. Make a shawl by myself. (done in September 2013)
  83. I want to have a guest house together with my husband for local as well as international tourists with affordable price. The place must be homey, artsy, comfortable, clean, and easy to reach. This house will be used as our home as well. We will provide sufficient information for the tourists about the local places of interest, with sufficient services in English. This guest house should provide Indonesian food & drinks.
  84. Took trans-siberian train from Moscow to Beijing (
  85. Do the ‘Trip to Italy’ in red Fiat 500. Visit the small villages, taking a sip of Italian wine and enjoy the local foods.
  86. Visit 10 countries before I get married: Singapore, Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Mie), Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Sa Mui), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Petaling, Malaka), Vietnam (Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang), India (Bangalore), Australia (Canberra, Sidney, Melbourne, Hobart – Tasmania), Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht, Zeeland, Gouda, Delft, Den Haag, Leiden), Germany (Aachen, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Berlin, Kiel, Düsseldorf, Köln), France (Paris, Strasbourg, Lille), Poland (Warsaw), Fiji, Denmark (Copenhagen), Iceland, Czech Republic (Prague), Italy (Rome, Venice, Milan), Hungary (Budapest),  Spain (Barcelona, Santiago de Compostella, Madrid), Norway (Oslo), UK (Cambridge, London).
  87. Getting a permanent tattoo. (done in December 2015)
  88. Getting myself a leica as a birthday present.
  89. Writing a science book for children.
  90. Do the camino to Santiago de Compostella. (done in August 2016)

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure – Paulo Coelho


One thought on “My 101 Dreams

  1. Hello there.. I have read your whole list! I hope you can make all your dreams come true! I was touched when you wrote you wanted to visit Warsaw. I am Polish and it is amazing that somebody from Indonesia wants to see our capital! Best of luck!!!

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